Knowing what’s next in IP protection.

Guarding your assets requires more than just securing a patent or trademark, it calls for a comprehensive strategy based on your business model and an understanding of your market position.

We embrace innovation and innovators and provide companies, investors, entrepreneurs and artists with full service counseling to ensure your intellectual assets attain the most effective protection.

For the past two decades, Appelfeld & Co. has served as a gateway to and from the Israeli market, providing prominent local and global enterprises, investors, entrepreneurs and artists with a range of intellectual property services.

Specializing in IP protection in complex technological environments, the Appelfeld & Co. legal team develops well-rounded legal IP strategies based on each client’s business model. This results in highly effective protection of intellectual assets.

In addition to providing comprehensive on-going IP counseling, including in the areas of patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks, Appelfeld & Co. represents its clients in all aspects of IP litigation.

As counsel to numerous Israeli and international investors and investment groups, Appelfeld & Co. also carries out IP due diligence, assessing the quality of IP assets as a basis for supporting business decisions.

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